International Student Scholarships


The following scholarships are provided by companies, groups, and individuals, as well as the Rainbow International Student Fund, to support international students enrolled in universities in the Fukuoka metropolitan area. Scholarships are intended to alleviate financial burdens so that students may focus on their studies.

Application Method *Common to all scholarships

Apply to the Fukuoka City International Foundation through your university

Recruitment Period

Scheduled from March to May

* Application deadline will vary by universities, so please make sure to contact your university for more details.


There are two types of scholarships: “Future Development Scholarship for International Students” and “Fukuoka City International Foundation Scholarship”.



For graduate students    500,000 yen or more

For undergraduate students    300,000 yen ore more

※it varies by the scholarship providers

Recruitment Period

1 year (may be extended depending on circumstances)

※it varies by the scholarship providers


Students who are enrolled at a university in Fukuoka Metropolitan Area and whose total received scholarship amount, including this scholarship, does not exceed the amount of the MEXT (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship etc.

※it varies by the scholarship providers

Fukuoka City International Foundation Scholarship

Desired Candidate

Characteristics of the scholarship


50,000 yen/month

Number of Recipients

About 10 students


In principle, minimum years required for graduation (4 years for undergraduate students*,  2 years for graduate students (master))

* 6 years for Medicine, dentistry, part of pharmacy, and veterinary


Application Guidelines

Fukuoka City International Foundation Scholarship Guidelines 2024


Your university or Fukuoka City International Foundation