Public Telephones

There are a variety of public telephones in Japan; some are operated only by coins or telephone cards and some allow international calls. To make international calls, use a phone labeled “International & Domestic Telephone”. Local calls from public telephones cost 10 yen for every 57.5 seconds (10 yen for every 77.5 seconds at nighttime). Certain type of phone accept 100 yen coins, but no change will be returned. Prepaid telephone cards in denominations of 500 yen and 1,000 yen are available at kiosks or convenience stores.

Land-line Phones

Telephone Subscription Right

Normally in Japan, it is required to obtain the right to a telephone line from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) that owns communications infrastructures in the country before installing a telephone at your home. NTT West offers the service in Fukuoka.

NTT West

Tel: 116(0800-2000116 from mobile phones)   NTT WEST (



* Note that there are some private companies that sell telephone subscription rights that are cheaper than those provided by NTT. In addition, there are also companies that provide package deals that include both the telephone subscription right and connection to the Internet (the former service might be included for free in the package).

* If you no longer require the telephone subscription rights, you must sell it to either a private company or to an individual, for NTT does not conduct any buyback services. The negotiated amount will vary depending on the company, but you should not expect to receive more than several thousand yen for it.

Items Required for a Subscription

* If you purchase the right from a private dealer, the dealer will usually handle some of the required procedures for NTT. For more information, inquire with your dealer.

Telephone Installation

By applying for NTT over the phone or on the Internet, NTT will install internal wiring at your home. However, since most apartments usually have internal wiring already installed, simply plugging a telephone cord into the phone jack will enable phone. For more details on the type of installation you need for your home, please consult your nearest NTT office

For the telephone itself, you will need to purchase it yourself through NTT or at an electronics stores.

Relocating or Terminating Your Telephone Service

To relocate or terminate the telephone service, contact NTT West by phone or on the Internet, and provide your address, name, and current phone number, as well as the desired dates of disconnection and reconnection and your new contact information.

Telephone Bills

NTT West bills basic monthly charges other than dialing charges (e.g. connection fees).

Payment Methods

There are three ways to pay your bills: 1) automatic transfer from a personal bank or post office account (jido koza furikae); 2) credit card payment; and 3) payment through a designated bank, post office, or convenience store with an invoice sent by NTT. Application is required for automatic transfers or credit card payments.

A Reminder When Making Domestic Calls

You need to dial an area code when making a call to a non-local telephone number. However, this is not necessary for the following municipalities as they have the same area code as Fukuoka City (i.e. 092): Chikushino-shi, Kasuga-shi, Onojo-shi, Dazaifu-shi, Maebaru-shi, Koga-shi, Itoshima-shi, Nakagawa-machi, Umi-machi, Sasaguri-machi, Shime-machi, Sue-machi, Shingu-machi, Hisayama-machi, and Kasuya-machi.

All telephone numbers that begin with 0120 are toll-free. The “Dial Q2” service (numbers which begin with 0990) ceased to exist on 28 February 2014. (0900 is currently used for fundraising for natural disasters.)

NTT 3-Digit Information Service

Directory assistance 104
60 yen for one number, 90 yen for two or more numbers
*100 yen (per number) is charged for a directory assistance from a public phone
Weather forecast (Fukuoka) 177
Weather forecast (outside Fukuoka) area code+177
Disaster messaging service 171
Time 117
Telegraph (domestic)  115
(Applications to send telegraphs can be submitted online at any time. Refer to D-MAIL for fees and other details.)
Telegraph (international) Apply through KDDI (Phone, fax or web)
Telephone repairs 113
Telephone installation, relocation, other inquiries 116

*113 and 116 are toll-free numbers.

Other Major Telephone Companies

At present there are telephone companies other than NTT that provide land lines. Some of them own dedicated lines that do not require the use of NTT lines (i.e. a subscription is not necessary.) Please note that this service is only available in limited areas, and there are also cases when emergency numbers including “110” and “119”, as well as a toll free number of “0120” cannot be used. In the case that you use an NTT phone line through a non-NTT company (this is called “MYLINE”), the basic monthly charges will be separately billed by NTT. For more details, please consult the telephone companies.

How to Make International Calls

The following methods can be used to make international calls via your home telephone or public telephones that connect international calls.

Places for International Fax services

Convenience Stores: Lawson or Family Mart

*Please inquire at the desired stores since not every store necessarily provides this service.

Other: Fedex Kinko’s

Mobile Phones

A number of phone companies provide mobile phone services that offer cellular services and incoming/outgoing email in almost all areas of Japan. Also an increasing number of cellular models are now equipped with global roaming services.

Purchasing Mobile Phones (Signing a Contract)

Mobile phones can be purchased/contracted at the service desks of phone companies or electronics stores. To sign a contract, you will need to prepare the following items: a form of ID that verifies your name, date of birth, and current address e.g. Japanese driver’s license, residence card or alien registration card, the “todokede-in” (a seal which you used to open your bank account) and a bank book or other documents that verify your account information to set up automatic payment, or your credit card if you wish to pay by credit card. In addition, there are also companies that provide prepaid mobile phones. For more information, please inquire at the following companies or mobile phone shops.

Major Mobile Companies

*As the rates and the contents of services fluctuate greatly in the telephone market, please check the latest information on the websites or at the service offices of the phone companies as needed.


You can choose from dialup, ISDN, CATV, ADSL, and optical fiber for connecting to the Internet. However, the services available may differ depending on where you live. Please check with your real estate agent.

Hotspot (Public Wireless LAN)

In the hopes of elevating its inter-city competitive power, Fukuoka City provides a free public wireless LAN service known as “Fukuoka City Wi-Fi”. Beyond this service provided by the city, there are many other places that offer free wireless LAN service. In addition, you can use wireless internet in many train stations, hotels, fast food restaurants, etc. within the city. However, in general, there is a charge to connect to these services that requires an initial contract with the provider.

Since all wireless LAN companies vary in their service areas and internet providers, you must inquire with them beforehand. In addition, you must make an arrangement with your internet provider to use the public wireless LAN service. For details, please inquire with the providers.

Fukuoka City Public Wireless LAN Service (free)

Fukuoka City Wi-Fi

All stations of the Fukuoka City Subway, Tourist Information Centers (Tenjin, Hakata), Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port International Terminal, Fukuoka City Hall, Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka Tower, Rainbow Plaza, etc.