Public Manners

In order to make everyone’s life more pleasant, Fukuoka City is promoting the improvement of public manners by implementing a set of new regulations for “Building a Friendly, Safe and Pleasant Fukuoka.”

Below is a list of main rules that must be obeyed at all times. Please be advised that disobedience of these rules may result in a penalty.

Smoking While Walking

Smoking while walking on public streets or while riding a bicycle is not only highly dangerous for pedestrians, but also forces them to breathe in unpleasant secondhand smoke. Smoking while walking or riding a bicycle is prohibited in all of Fukuoka City. An infraction, especially in the Tenjin or Hakata Station areas, can incur a fine of up to 20,000 yen.


Littering empty cans, glass bottles or plastic bottles in public areas is prohibited, since Fukuoka City is engaged in recycling activities. Do not throw out bottles and cans on the street; please take care to dispose of them in the appropriate collection areas. Also, make sure to separate your garbage correctly to facilitate recycling.

Illegally Parked Bicycles

Do not leave your bicycle unattended in no-parking zones, public spaces such as the side of the road, in front of train stations, parks, etc. Illegally parked bicycles will be removed to the city facility, and a fine of 2,500 yen will be imposed upon retrieving your bicycle.

Safe Driving

Cars and motorcycles must be driven on the left side of the road. When driving, observe traffic regulations, be aware of your surroundings, and drive safely and courteously. When riding a bicycle, be careful not to cause injury to pedestrians by avoiding collisions.