Postal Service/Courier Service

Guide to Postal Services

Post offices offer various services for domestic and international mail. Please contact the number below or your nearest post office for more information.

Japan Post Service


Customer Service Center

Japanese 0120-23-28-86 (free), 0570-046-666 (for mobile phones, charged)

English 0570-046-111 (charged)

Major Post Offices in Fukuoka City

There are many post offices in the city, but be aware that opening hours vary by post office.


Fukuoka Central Post Office

Tel: 092-713-2455(4-3-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)


Hakata Post Office (Hakata-kita Post Office, Hakata-ekimae Suboffice)

Tel:092-431-6787(1F, JRJP Hakata Bldg., 8-1 Hakata-eki Chuo-gai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka)


Sawara Post Office

Tel: 092-851-5537(1-1-1 Takatori, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka)

Mail Collection

Mailboxes located at the post office or on the streets usually have two slots: the left one for regular mail (postcards, regular-sized mail), and the other one for irregular-shaped mail (large envelopes), express mail, or international mail. In principle, mail is collected three times a day, but less often on weekends and national holidays. The scheduled times for mail collection is written on each mailbox. If you wish to send mail more quickly, go to your nearest mail collection agency (major post offices mentioned above).


Mail is delivered to residences once daily from Monday to Saturday. However, parcels, express mail, and registered mail are delivered separately from regular mail and are delivered in person. Therefore, if such an item is delivered in your absence, it will be taken back to the post office and held for 10 days. In that case, a notice of delivery (fuzai haitatsu tsuchi-sho) will be left in your mailbox, so fill in your desired date and time and resend it, or contact them by phone, fax, or internet for redelivery. If you are absent for a long period of time, you can request to have the item delivered to another address (such as your workplace). You can also go to the post office and pick it up, but you must show a proof of identification. The post office will return the item to the sender if it cannot be delivered.

Forwarding Service

When moving, submit a notice of change of residence (tenkyo todoke), and any mail addressed to your old address will be forwarded to your new address without charge for a period of one year. However, mail cannot be forwarded outside of Japan.

Courier Service

Besides post offices, you can use specialized courier services. You can take your package directly to their office, or to a convenience store that accepts packages. You can also make a request by telephone or the internet for someone to come and collect your package. For details such as price and types of services, please consult the company of your choice.

Major Courier Services other than Post Offices

For domestic and international destinations

For international destinations