Moving in/Moving out

Entering Japan (Immigration)

A residence card will be issued to foreign nationals newly permitted to land through their port of entry who will reside in Japan for more than three months. As of June 2016, Residence Cards are only issued directly at seven airports: Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai, Shin-Chitose, Hiroshima and Fukuoka airports.

Within 14 days of deciding on a location of residence, individuals who were issued a Residence Card must take it with them to the counter at their local government office to submit a notification of residence to the Minister of Justice. After submitting this notification, a Resident Record will be created for them, just as it is for Japanese citizens. The address recorded on your Resident Record will be used when you utilize government services such as welfare and education.

If “A residence card will be issued at a later date” is written in your passport, take your passport to your local ward office once your residence has been decided and submit notification of residence. Once this notification is submitted, a residence card will be mailed to you. Persons who change their status of residence to become mid- to long-term residents are also required to submit this notifcation.

Moving from outside the city (moving in)

When you move to Fukuoka City from another municipality, you must submit a notification of moving in to your new local ward office within 14 days of moving. You must also submit the notification of moving out that you received from your previous municipal office.

Whenever you present your residence card at a government office to submit notification of moving in or moving out, the Immigration Bureau will also be notified of these changes.


Other Procedures

Procedures to be completed at ward offices

National Health Insurance
Children’s Medical Care Certificate
After completing moving in procedures, submit notification at the Health Insurance & Pension Section (insurance counter).

If you don’t enroll in National Health Insurance at the same time as submitting a notification of moving in, you will need to bring your child’s insurance card in order to apply for a Children’s Medical Care Certificate.

National Pension After completing moving-in procedures, bring documention showing the date of your arrival in Japan, such as a passport, to the Health Insurance & Pension Section (National Pension counter).
Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Mutual Aid Pension These services are typically handled through your employer, so please inquire with them for more details.
Nursing Care Insurance If you have not received primary nursing care requirement authorization, you do not need to follow this procedure.

If you didn’t receive authorization at your previous place of residence, you need to take a copy of the nursing insurance recipient qualification certificate and residence change notification (which can be acquired at the Citizen Section) to the Welfare & Nursing Care Insurance Section (Nursing Care Insurance counter) after completing moving in procedures.

Child Allowance After completing moving in procedures, please complete procedures for Child Allowance at the Child Rearing Support Section within 15 days.

If you don’t complete these procedures swiftly, it’s possible that you won’t be able to receive Child Allowance for certain months.


Procedures to be completed at locations other than ward offices

School transfer and enrollment procedures for elementary and junior high schools Submit the Fukuoka City Municipal School Enrollment Form (can be obtained at the Citizen Section when you complete moving in procedures) and student registration certificate from your child’s previous school to the school to which your child is transferring.
Driver’s License/Vehicle Registration You can submit a change of address for your driver’s license at the police station, examination center, or gold licensing center that has jurisdiction over your new address. To make changes to your vehicle registration details, notify the Kyushu Transportation Bureau branch office that has jurisdiction over your new address.
Telephone Confirm the necessary procedures with NTT or the telephone company through which you have a contract. (Refer to the Telephone page)
Electricity Procedures must be completed through KyushuElectric Power before moving in.
(Refer to the Electricity page)
Gas One week prior to moving in, contact Saibu Gas Living Mate, the Saibu Gas service desk, to inform them of your moving in date and time. If you plan on using propane gas, contact your local propane gas management office. (Refer to the Gas page)
Water Telephone the water department’s customer service center four days (except for Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays) before you want to start using water.

Contact the customer service center to apply for direct debiting or to change the account name. (Refer to the Water page)

If you are moving into a residential complex in which the meters of all units are inspected together, contact the proprietary company.

Mail Submit a notification of residence change to your nearest post office.

(Refer to the Post Offices and Other Services page)