Lost Property

Last updated: December 21, 2023

Lost Property

If you know where you lost your property

If you know where you might have lost your item, for example, at the train station, on the bus, or in the restaurant, then contact that establishment directly.  If you have contacted the facility and your item has not been reported, then report it to the nearest police station or police box.


If you do not know where you lost your property

If you are not sure where you lost your item, whether it was on the street or elsewhere, then report it to the nearest police station or police box.  It is advisable to go to the closest police station where you think you lost the item, as the person who may have found it, might have delivered it there.

Reference: National Police Agency – Lost or forgot your property?


What should you do if you lose your residence card

If you lose your residence card, you need to apply for reissuance within 14 days from the day you know you have lost it.


Report it to the nearest police station or police box.


Get a Proof of loss of property, or a Certificate of theft report from the police station or box.


Apply for reissuance of your residence card at the Regional Immigration Services Beaurau.


For more information:

・Immigration Services Agency, 1-3 Loss of Residence Card on Chapter 1 Procedures for Entry/Residence, Guidebook on Living and Working

・Immigration Services Agency, Application for re-issuance of residence card due to loss


Lost credit card or bank cash card

Immediately contact the credit card company or bank and also contact the police.


If you lose your seal (Inkan) or Seal Registration card (Inkan Toroku-sho)

・If you have lost your Seal Registration card (Inkan Toroku-sho), contact your ward office to apply for temporary suspension of the issue of your Seal Registration Certificate.

・If you have lost your registered personal seal (Jitsuin), contact your ward office and complete the procedure for deregistration of your seal.

・You can also apply online for a Seal Registration Discontinuance Certificate (Inkan Toroku Haishi Todoke).

For further details:  Fukuoka City Online application for a Seal Registration Discontinuance Certificate (Japanese)

・If you lose your seal (Inkan), make a new one. Then go through the Inkan registration change process at your bank.  You may need relevant documents such as a bank book.


Information on lost property reported to the police can be found on the following website.

Fukuoka Prefectural Police website –  ‘Lost and Found’


Contact details for lost property, including public transport

Nishitetsu Bus and Train

050-3616-2150 (Nishitetsu Customer Center)

Nishitetsu Contact us


Showa Bus

Fukuoka Office 092-641-6398

Ito Office             092-407-0812

Showa Bus Contact us


Fukuoka City Subway

092-734-7800(Customer Service Center, General Inquiries)

Meinohama Area


Tenjin Area


Hakata Area


Kaizuka Area


Hashimoto Area


Tenjin-minami Area



Fukuoka City Subway General Inquiries


Jr Kyusyu Railway Company Lost Property


Jr Kyusyu Lost Property


Municipal Ferry

Shikanoshima Island route and Genkai Island route ・・・Passenger Ship Office (Hakata)  092-291-1085

Noko and Oronoshima Island routes are used ・・・Meinohama Passenger Waiting Area    092-881-8709

Fukuoka City Other Inquiries


Fukuoka City Taxi Association

If you have the receipt, contact the taxi company of the receipt. If you do not have information on the taxi you took or the receipt, contact the nearest police station or police box.


Fukuoka Prefecture Kojin Taxi Association

092-471-7550 *Each taxi company has its individual telephone number


Fukuoka Airport (Domestic)


Fukuoka Airport Domestic Lost and Found


Fukuoka Airport (International)


Fukuoka Airport International Lost and Found


Tenjin Chikagai (Tenjin Underground Mall)


Tenjin Chikagai List of inquiries


Found Property

If a lost item was found in a premise

Items that appear to be lost at a store or public facility, should be reported to the facility or service staff immediately.

Reference: National Police Agency – Found a lost or forgotten property?


If a lost item was found outside a premise

If you have found an item that appears to be lost on the street or outside a premise, report it to the nearest police station or police box.

Reference: National Police Agency – You found a lost property on the street (not inside a facility)