Japanese Language Support

Japanese Language Classes

In Fukuoka, there are many Japanese language schools and classes run by volunteers. Because each class offers a different course, you can make a choice according to your goals for learning Japanese. Volunteer classes are usually offered once a week for a few hours, and only the class materials are charged. There are also classes for elementary, junior high, and senior high school students. The Japanese language schools which enable you to acquire a study visa are only the ones that are accredited by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. Moreover, some schools offer a short-term course on Japanese language and culture. You can obtain a list of Japanese language classes and schools from Fukuoka City International Center. For details, please consult the school or class of your choice.


Nihongo Class Map (Japanese language classes run by volunteers)



Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education



Japanese Language Proficiency Test



Japanese Language Support at Elementary and Junior High Schools

Fukuoka City offers a system for students in municipal elementary and junior high schools whose Japanese is not fluent, in which special instructors are dispatched for a set period of time to provide one-on-one instruction for everyday conversation and the basic Japanese skills necessary for studying. Also, Japanese language classes are offered at eight elementary schools and in four junior high schools in areas where many foreigners reside, during which instructions are provided on Japanese school life and language needed for studying. For details, please inquire with your school or the Fukuoka City Board of Education.


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