High Schools

Last updated: April 3, 2023

Public High Schools

In Fukuoka City, there are 15 prefectural and 4 municipal high schools, all of which require you to pass an entrance examination to be admitted. To take the examination, you need proof of graduation from a Japanese junior high school (or proof that you will graduate) or proof that you have attended school abroad for nine years.

For details, please consult the Fukuoka Prefecture or Fukuoka City Board of Education.


Fukuoka Prefecture Board of Education (Japanese)

Tel: 092-643-3903


Fukuoka City Board of Education (Japanese)



Private High Schools

For details, please inquire with Private School Promotion Department of Fukuoka Prefecture or the school of your choice.

Find a private high school

Fukuoka Prefecture Private School Promotion Department (Japanese)


Fukuoka Private School Society (Japanese)


High-School-Preparatory Guidance (Shinro Guidance)

For junior high school students and their parents whose native language is not Japanese, a nonprofit organization called For Living Together in Fukuoka City (Tomoni Ikiru Machi Fukuoka no Kai) holds an annual workshop in early August to support these students to advance to a high school and make advancement decisions smoothly.



Tomoni Ikiru Machi Fukuoka no Kai (Japanese)

E-mail: tomoikifukuoka@gmail.com