Facilities for parents and children

Last updated: October 25, 2023

Children’s plaza “Kodomo Plaza” (for preschool age 0 to 6 years old)

There is a children’s plaza in each ward in Fukuoka City, where children and their parents can interact with other children and parents.  You can also receive advice regarding childcare.

For further information, please check the Fukuoka City website:  Fukuoka City Kodomo Plaza (Japanese)


Childcare exchange salon “Kosodate Kouryu Salon” (for preschool age 0 to 6 years old)

Childcare exchange salon is a place where you feel free with your child in familiar surroundings such as community centres like Kominkan and other familiar local venues. You and your children can visit and play at any time during the opening hours, and there are supporters who help introduce you to other parents and the venue.  There is no set programme at the salon.

For further information, please check the Fukuoka City website:  Fukuoka City Kosodate Kouryu Salon (Japanese)


Fukuoka City Central Children’s Hall “Aikuru” (for age 0 to 17 years old)

The facility is for the healthy development of children.  It provides a place for children’s play and to do activities and also has various seasonal and off-season events, childcare support services, temporary care for infants and toddlers, and club activities.

For further details:  Fukuoka City Central Children’s Hall (Japanese)


Fukuoka City Public Library

The Fukuoka City Public Library and branch libraries in each ward hold monthly story time sessions. At the story time sessions, children will sing songs, play with their hands and enjoy picture books being read to them. The target age group differs depending on the story time sessions, so please check the website of each library.

For further details:  Fukuoka City Public Library (Japanese)


Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum offers story time with picture books and Kamishibai storytelling sessions about Asian countries and regions.

For further details:  Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Event (Japanese)


Fukuoka Art Museum

On the 2nd floor of the Fukuoka Art Museum, there is a play space named “Seeds of Life,” where small children and their parents/guardians can relax.  There are also programmes and events for children and families, such as Children’s Art Museum in Summer Vacation and or Family Day.

For further details:

Fukuoka Art Museum Play Space “Seeds of Life”

Fukuoka Art Museum Families and Children


Fukuoka City Museum

The Touch & Experience Room “Mitaiken Labo” is a hands-on learning room located on the ground floor of the Fukuoka City Museum. Under the theme of ‘Asian Games’, visitors can actually touch and experience tools, clothing and music instruments from various Asian countries.

For further details:  Fukuoka City Museum Mitaiken Lab (Japanese)


Fukuoka City Science Museum

The Fukuoka City Science Museum is a science museum where everyone can enjoy science, both children and adults. The Families’ Playing Space “Oyako Hiroba” on the fourth floor is a space for preschoolers (0 to 6 years old) and their parents to play in comfort.

For further details:  Fukuoka City Science Museum Oyako Hiroba (Japanese)


Other information

The Fukuoka City website introduces other facilities and spaces where parents and children can play together.

For further information, please check the Fukuoka City website:  Fukuoka City Facilities and Spaces where parents and children can play together (Japanese)