Emergency case/Ambulance


In case of an emergency, call 119 for assistance. When using a payphone, be aware that some phones are required to push the emergency button before dialing 119. When the operator answers the phone, state the following.

Speak clearly and slowly. To avoid misunderstanding, give the spelling of words if necessary.

Give your age, gender, and a description of your location using landmarks (for example, “I am at the front entrance of Fukuoka Tower.”) Describe your condition (e.g. I have a broken leg). If possible, speak in Japanese.

Emergency Clinics for Holidays and After-hours

In Fukuoka City, there are a number of clinics are open for emergency treatment on Sundays, holidays, and after-hours. If you wish to receive a type of treatment not offered, contact the Fukuoka Prefecture Emergency Medical Information Center (092-471-0099) for the nearest medical institution that can help you. Remember to take your insurance card and Children’s Medical Care Certificate (kodomo iryosho) with you.

After-hours medical institutions include the Fukuoka Emergency Medical Center, Fukuoka City Emergency Clinics (at local Health and Welfare Centers), and the Fukuoka Emergency Dental Clinic.

Fukuoka Emergency Medical Center



1-6-9 Momochihama, Sawara-ku


Monday – Friday

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics (Mon. – Fri. 19:30-6:30*)


Internal Medicine (19:00-7:30*), Pediatrics (17:00-7:20*)

Sundays & Holidays (incl. end of year holidays from 31 Dec. – 3 Jan.)

Int. medicine/pediatrics/surgery/obstetrics/gynecology (9:00-7:30*)

Opthalmology/otorhinolaryngology (9:00-23:30)

end of year holidays from 31 Dec. – 3 Jan.

Int. medicine/pediatrics/surgery/obstetrics/gynecology (9:00-7:30*)

Opthalmology/otorhinolaryngology (9:00-23:30)

13 – 15 August

Internal medicine/pediatrics (19:00-7:30*)


*Operating hours continue into the following morning

Fukuoka City Emergency Clinics (Health and Welfare Centers)

Holidays (Sun./Public holidays) 9:00-16:30

*Clinics marked with asterisks are open during the year-end and NewYear holidays (31 Dec. – 3 Jan.) from 9:00-23:30.

Higashi Emergency Clinic*


2-54-27 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku

Internal medicine/pediatrics

Hakata Emergency Clinic


2F Taihaku Center Bldg., 2-19-24 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku

Internal medicine

Minami Emergency Clinic*


3-25-3 Shiobaru, Minami-ku

Internal medicine/pediatrics

Jonan Emergency Clinic


5-2-25 Torikai, Jonan-ku

Internal medicine

Nishi Emergency Clinic*


1-4-7 Uchihama, Nishi-ku

Internal medicine

Fukuoka Emergency Dental Center

1-12-43 Daimyo, Chuo-ku (inside the Fukuoka Dental Association)


on Sundays, holidays, during the year-end and New Year holidays, and Obon.

Open 9:00-16:30 (dental care)