Elementary and Junior High Schools

Last updated: September 27, 2023

Public Elementary and Junior High Schools

School admissions

To enroll school-age foreign children who have residence in Fukuoka City, you must submit an application in the year before entering elementary school, when a survey for prospective students is conducted (since school education is not compulsory for foreign children).  In late September, parents/guardians will be sent a School Attendance Information Letter (Shugaku An’nai Bunsho) and a Notification of Intent to Enroll Foreign Child in School (Gaikokuseki Jido Nyugaku Kibo Todoke). If the Notification of Intent is handed in by the deadline stipulated in the Information Letter (usually around mid-October), then parents/guardians will be sent a School Attendance Notification (Nyugaku Tsuchisho) by mid-January from the Board of Education. For Japanese children who have a residence certificate, the School Attendance Notification is sent automatically. If the notice does not arrive, please contact the Educational Support Section (Kyoiku Shien-ka) of the Board of Education or the Citizen Section (Shimin-ka) of your ward office.

Reference website

Fukuoka City – Procedures for entering elementary and junior high schools (Japanese)


The file below introduces the procedures leading up to enrolment, a day at school and the tools used at elementary school.


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Such as the school names, school telephone numbers, email addresses and other contact details in the annual schedule, school districts and school routes in the documents are examples. Please check with your child’s school for actual information.


“Nice to Meet You! Let’s Be Friends!”

This video introduces the school life of a child who comes from abroad and is now attending elementary school in Japan.


“Tell Me About Elementary School in Japan!”

This video introduces school events, customs and rules of school life, and daily items to take with you.


Mid-Year Enrollment

If you need to enroll your child mid-year, there are additional procedures that must be followed. Obtain a School Transfer Notification (Tennyugaku Tsuchisho) from the Citizen Section. Take this, along with a Certificate of Enrollment (Zaigaku Shomeisho) from your child’s current school to the school where you wish to enroll your child.  Moreover, since municipal elementary and junior high schools have school zones, schools are selected based on your address, and therefore, no entrance examination is necessary.

Reference website

Fukuoka City – Transfer schools (Japanese)


Tuition and Fees

Municipal elementary and junior high schools provide textbooks for free, and do not charge for tuition. However, fees are charged to cover actual expenses such as school lunches, school supplies, and school trips. If you have difficulty paying these fees due to economic circumstances, you can apply for the School Expense Assistance Program (Shugaku Enjo Seido).  For details, please consult the school or the School Enrollment & Finance Subsection (Gakuji-gakari) of the Educational Support Section (Kyoiku Shien-ka), Fukuoka City Board of Education.

Contact details for the School Expense Assistance Program (Shugaku Enjo Seido)

School Enrollment & Finance Subsection, Educational Support Section, Fukuoka City Board of Education (Japanese)

Tel: 092-711-4693


Japanese language guidance/instruction

Children enrolled in Fukuoka City elementary/junior high school/special support school in elementary/junior high school who need Japanese language instruction, can get support for this in order to have their school life in Japanese.
Please contact your school first.


[How to receive Japanese language instruction]

1.  Admission to the school in your school district and consultation with them

2. Interview with the Japanese Language Support Center coordinator

3. Japanese language guidance/instruction by teachers in charge of Japanese language instruction or Japanese instructors (about several hours a week)


After school Clubs “Hokago Jido Club” –  (the old name is “Rusukatei Kodomo Kai”)

After school clubs (Hokago Jido Club) are the clubs that look after elementary school students whose parents are away from home during the day due to work or other reasons and provide a place for children to play and study. Application is required to use them and you must apply directly to the club. For after school clubs (Hokago Jido Club) list is here (Japanese).

Reference website

Fukuoka City – Procedure for after school clubs (Japanese)


Private Elementary and Junior High School

Unlike public schools, you need to pass the entrance examination even for elementary and junior high schools.  As well, tuition and other fees are quite expensive. For details, please inquire with Private School Promotion Department of Fukuoka Prefecture or the school of your choice.


Private School Section 1, Private School Promotion Department, Fukuoka Prefecture (Japanese)



Education in English

In Fukuoka, there is the Fukuoka International School which is recognized by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and offers a kindergarten to high school curriculum in the American education system, using English. This school is also a member of the International Baccalaureate.  For details, please contact the school directly.


Fukuoka International School

Tel: 092-841-7601

(3-18-50 Momochi, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka city)

High-School-Preparatory Guidance (Shinro Guidance)

For junior high school students and their parents whose native language is not Japanese, a nonprofit organization called For Living Together in Fukuoka City (Tomoni Ikiru Machi Fukuoka no Kai) holds an annual workshop in early August to support these students to advance to a high school and make advancement decisions smoothly.


Tomoni Ikiru Machi Fukuoka no Kai (Japanese)

E-mail: tomoikifukuoka@gmail.com