Japan is a relatively safe country but you should always make sure to lock your doors and windows at night or when you are going out to keep prowlers out; also be alert during the day when you are at home. In addition, you should be careful against purse snatchers; it is recommended that you hold your bag away from the road when walking on the street. Always lock your bicycle securely. Cases of purse snatching, prank calls and sexual harassment are not uncommon, and women should be extra careful especially when walking on deserted streets at night.

The emergency number to call the police in Japan is 110. For information on reporting procedures, refer to Emergency

Police Boxes

A police box (koban) is a small police station, many of which are located throughout the city. Police officers are on duty 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of the local community. Their main duties include giving directions, handling lost property, patrolling the community, and responding to reports on incidents or accidents. If you need to ask for directions or become involved in an accident or an incident, you can always call for help at your nearest police box.

Public Safety Consultation Center

Located inside the prefectural police headquarters, this center handles general inquiries including juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, driver’s license, proof of traffic accidents, driving history statements, and police station tours.


Police Safety Consultation Center Hotline: 092-641-9110

*For service in English, Chinese, or Korean: 092-641-4141(ext. 4763)