Foreign Language Newsletter

In order to make your life in Fukuoka as comfortable as possible, we publish foreign language newsletters in English, Chinese and Korean to inform you of the latest and essential information about Fukuoka’s living, Japanese culture, traditional events and so forth.
Newsletter title has changed from “Rainbow” to “FCIF”.

The latest issue

No.10 July/August 2020


  • Use Your Five Senses to Get Through Summer
  • Learning from History: Dietary Culture for Preventing Heat Illness
  • Dr. Nishiyama’s Column
  • The Disaster Prevention Email Service Mamoru-kun
  • What You Can Do to Keep Stress from Building Up
  • Radio Calisthenics: A Staple of Children’s Morning Routine  During Summer Vacation
  • Consultations at Fukuoka City Internatioal Center

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