Foreign Language Newsletter

In order to make your life in Fukuoka as comfortable as possible, we publish foreign language newsletters in English, Chinese and Korean to inform you of the latest and essential information about Fukuoka’s living, Japanese culture, traditional events and so forth.
Newsletter title has changed from “Rainbow” to “FCIF”.

The latest issue

No. 13 January/February 2021


  • Happy New Year !!
  • Warm yourself up with Hakata hotpot and noodle dishes !
  • Try using Hakata-ben Dialect ! Susu suru
  • Tax Return
  • Fish that have different names as they grow?!
  • Setsubun Festivals
  • How to make Hakata rice cake soup
  • Dr. Nishiyama’s Column, “Tick-bone diseases?”
  • Exemption and payment postponement programs for National Pension contributions
  • Bringing MEAT products into Japan is prohibited
  • Halloween Event at Fukuoka City International Center

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