Foreign Language Newsletter

In order to make your life in Fukuoka as comfortable as possible, we publish foreign language newsletters in English, Chinese and Korean to inform you of the latest and essential information about Fukuoka’s living, Japanese culture, traditional events and so forth.
Newsletter title has changed from “Rainbow” to “FCIF”.

The latest issue

No.7  January/February 2020(Happy New Year 2020)

Foreign Language Newsletter January/February 2020

Happy New Year 2020

  • Happy New Year 2020
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympics
  • Draw an Omikuji Fortune !
  • Be sure of how to dipose of spray cans and gas canisters
  • Dr. Nishiyama’s Column
  • Team Lab Fukuoka Castle Ruins Light-Up Festival
  • The Mammoth – Can it be Brought Back to Life?
  • Tax Return
  • The 31st Annual Exhibition of New Acquisitions: Fukuoka History and Living Materials are presented that were collected in fiscal 2016
  • Setsubun Festivals in Fukuoka

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