Fukuoka City Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents

Provide information and consultations that are essential to all aspects of a foreign national’s life, including visa, work, medical, child care, education, and so forth.  Multilingual service is available.
Free counseling on immigration, legal and personal matters is available for foreign residents.


Fukuoka City International Center 1F Access


Toll Free: 0120-66-1799
Call charged: 092-262-1799

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Consultation on Everyday Life


9:00~18:00  ※Closed on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and Dec.29 ~Jan.3


  • Italy ★
  • Indonesian ★
  • English
  • Korean
  • Khmer ★
  • Sinhalese ★
  • Spanish ★
  • Thai ★
  • Tagalog ★
  • Chinese
  • German ★
  • Nepali ★
  • Hindi ★
  • French ★
  • Vietnamese ★
  • Bengali ★
  • Portuguese ★
  • Malaysian ★
  • Mongolian ★
  • Burmese ★
  • YASASHII Nihongo
  • Russian ★

※Phone translation or tablet device will be used  for ★ languages.
★Hindi became available from April 2021 and ★Bengali from December 2021.


Professional Consultation Services for Foreign Residents

Legal Counseling Consultation on Immigration, Residency, and Nationality  ③Personal Counseling 



①②:An interpreter can be provided on request. (If you wish to request an interpretation service other than Chinese or English, please consult with Information Desk well in advance.

③:English or Japanese





9:00~18:00 ※Closed on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and Dec.29 ~ Jan.3.


Fukuoka City International Center 1F

Browsing and Borrowing Books

You can browse library books such as English paperbacks, Language study materials, and etc.  Those who live in Fukuoka Prefecture can borrow up to 2 books for 2 weeks at a time.

※ To issue a library card, you must provide a photo ID that is valid within Japan. We also ask that you present a proof of your current address as it is within Fukuoka Prefecture.

Browsing and Posting Flyers and Pamphlets




You can find flyers and pamphlets on language schools in the area, both Japanese and foreign, as well as those of a variety of volunteer groups. Feel free to take them.


For schools and corporations looking to hire personnel with higher-level fluency in a given language, we also service requests for such flyers. In the same manner, bring completed flyers to the 1st floor information desk.  For more information, call 092-262-1799.


Our pamphlet

Fukuoka City Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents Pamphlet

Established Date

April 1st, 2019