• on April 24 2020

    【Notice from Fukuoka City】
    COVID-19 Hotline Information

    This is to inform the contact information for Non-Japanese speakers regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Call Centers for Non-Japanese speakers

    • For consultation in foreign languages on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
      092-687-5357 (available 24 hours, in 18 languages)
      ※ Please call The COVID-19 Call Center (092-711-4126) if you can communicate in Japanese.
    • For medical information other than the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
      Fukuoka Asian Medical Support Center
      092-286-9595 (available 24 hours, in 18 languages)
    • For other general consultation for Non-Japanese speakers
      Consulting on Residence Visa, Employment, Medical support, Welfare, Maternity-care・Child-care, Child education, and any other information, and introducing other related organizations.
      Fukuoka City Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents
      092-262-1799 (Mon.- Fri. 8:45-18:00, available in 18 languages)


    Fukuoka City