• on September 10 2021

    【Announcement from Fukuoka City: September 10, 2021】
    The State of Emergency has been Extended
    in Fukuoka Prefecture: Stay Indoors Unless Absolutely Essential!

    On September 9, the Government of Japan announced that the state of emergency has been extended in Fukuoka Prefecture in response to the continued and alarming spread of COVID-19 throughout our region.
    You are urged to comply with the points below until September 30:

    1.  Remain Indoors

    • Do not leave the house or travel unless for essential activities even during the day. Do not leave the house especially after 8 p.m.
      ※Essential activities include:
      – going to a medical facility
      – shopping for food supplies
      – medicine or daily necessities
      – going to work when necessary
      – exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle
      Especially avoid going out to crowded places such as food stores in the basement of a department store.
    • If you must leave the house for essential activities, do so in small numbers with your family or regular social group, and avoid crowded places and peak times.
    • Do not leave the house or travel if you display any symptoms such as a fever.
    • Do not travel across prefectures unless essential. If travel across prefectures is absolutely unavoidable, take a PCR test when you come back to Fukuoka at the airport before you leave or when you arrive in Fukuoka to check that you are free of the infection.

    Be careful of the following changes until September 30!

    • Municipal facilities in Fukuoka City will be closed, excluding some facilities such as libraries and museums. Events run by the city will be cancelled or postponed. Contact the facility directly for more information.
    • Admission to large commercial businesses such as department stores and shopping centers are currently restricted. Check with each facility for more information.
    • The last train service on all Fukuoka City subway lines (Airport Line, Hakozaki Line and Nanakuma Line) will end one hour earlier. Call the customer service center for more information.
      Telephone: 092-734-7800 (Lines open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

    2. Preventative Measures

    Basic Measures

    • Be thorough with basic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as washing your hands, gargling, wearing a mask, properly ventilating the room and avoiding the 3C’s:
      -Crowded places
      -Close contact
      -Confined spaces
    • COVID-19 is spreading amongst young people in their 20s and 30s, and the number of young people developing severe symptoms is increasing. Be careful of your own actions to prevent the spread of the virus.
    • Do not eat or drink in groups on the street, in parks or in other public places, and refrain from other behavior that will increase the risk of spreading the virus.
    • Wear a mask at all times when using public transport and refrain from talking loudly.
    • Even after you have been vaccinated, continue taking preventative measures against the virus, such as wearing a mask.

    Eating & Drinking

    • Avoid establishments that are not taking sufficient measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Also avoid establishments that are not complying with the request from local governments to close or restrict business hours.
    • If you do eat out, do so in small numbers and finish promptly.
    • Check your temperature and sanitize your hands whenever entering an establishment.

    If you have a fever or any cold-like symptoms, contact your local doctor or medical facility by telephone for advice first.
    If you are unsure of where to call or have any worries about the virus, call the COVID-19 Hotline for advice:
    COVID-19 Multilingual Hotline (available in 19 languages)
    Telephone: 092-687-5357 (24-hour service)

    Announcements about COVID-19 from Fukuoka Prefecture and Fukuoka City are continually updated, so keep checking the links below to keep up to date.

    Fukuoka Prefecture Website

    Fukuoka City Website (Support for Foreign Residents)

    Fukuoka City Website (Advice for Foreigner Residents Struggling due to COVID-19)

    The Fukuoka City COVID-19 Vaccination Program provides vaccines against COVID-19 to registered Fukuoka City residents (including foreign nationals) aged 12 and above. You can get vaccinated at local hospitals and clinics, mass vaccination centers in each ward, and the Chuo Wharf Cruise Center mass vaccination center.
    For more information, check the Fukuoka City COVID-19 Vaccination Program website below:
    Fukuoka City COVID-19 Vaccination Program

    3. Restricting Business Hours for Food and Other Service Providers

    Until Thursday, September 30, 2021

    Remain closed if you are a food service operator that provides alcohol or karaoke facilities in Fukuoka City. This does not apply if you stop providing alcohol or access to karaoke facilities on your premises. If you do not provide alcohol or karaoke facilities, restrict your business hours to between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. This includes food stalls such as yatai, but excludes delivery and takeout services.

    Small to medium sized-businesses complying with business hour restrictions can receive between 40,000 yen to 100,000  yen per day, and large businesses can receive up to 200,000 yen per day in financial support.
    Check the official Fukuoka Prefecture website often for the latest details.
    Fukuoka Prefecture Website

    Food service operators must take care with the following measures:

    • ventilate the venue thoroughly every 30 minutes by completely opening two windows in different locations for five minutes at a time.
    • set up hand sanitization equipment and disinfect the business premises.
    • measure customers’ temperatures and have them sanitize their hands when entering.
    • tell customers to wear a mask when talking and not to raise their voices.
    • provide shatterproof acrylic screens or other appropriate physical barriers to prevent droplet transmission when appropriate social distancing cannot be maintained. Display the official Infection Prevention Declaration sticker to show customers that you are taking the necessary measures.
    • install a sign at the entrance of your business refusing entry to anyone who is unwell, not wearing a mask, or removes their mask when not eating.
    • tell customers to keep their stay to two hours or less.

    4. Event Restrictions

    Until Thursday, September 30, 2021

    • Events must be held at 50% capacity or less and must not exceed 5,000 people.
    • Do not provide alcohol.
    • Events must end by 9 p.m.

    Reference: Fukuoka City Financial Support Measures

    Rent Support for Food Service Providers

    The Fukuoka City Government is providing financial support to cover up 80% (up to 500,000 yen) of one month’s rent for food service providers that are closing their stores to comply with Fukuoka Prefecture’s request.
    Check the official Fukuoka City website often for the latest details.

    Fukuoka City Website; Rent Support for Food Service Providers Closing their Businesses

    Support for Businesses with Decreased Sales

    The Fukuoka City Government is providing financial support for businesses whose sales have been negatively affected by restrictions on food service business hours and movement restrictions but are not eligible for Fukuoka Prefecture’s or the national government’s subsidies.

    Fukuoka City Website: Support for Businesses with Decreased Sales