This Email Magazine provides monthly information on news and events related to international exchange and cooperation in the Fukuoka area in English and Japanese. Please note that, depending on the content of the information, not all articles are published in both languages.


    • News from the Fukuoka City International Foundation
    • News from Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, the National Government, and other Affiliated Organizations
    • News from FUKU-NET Members
    • News from International Related Organizations in Fukuoka, etc.

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How to post your information

Publication Guidelines

Information related to international understanding, exchange and cooperation is posted. Political and religious articles as well as those for profit are not accepted. For those collecting participation fees, those judged as necessary costs will be posted.

How to place your information

Please send the required information as below by e-mail or by fax.
1) event title, 2) date & time, 3) place, 4) fees and charges, 5) name and contact information (Tel.No./e-mail address) of host/sponsor, and 6) URL
If you wish to place English information as well, please send your English document together.

Due Date

20th of every month. Information will be edited based on the information sent. According to the size of the information, the minimum may be posted and the website of each organization may be linked.


Fax: 092-262-2700
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*Please send the attached file in word, excel or text format.
*You can also request by the mail form.