• on February 28 2020

    Multilingual hotline For International residents/tourists; Regarding Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus

    Cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in Fukuoka City.
    If you have the following symptoms call the multilingual hotline for non-Japanese speakers.
    *You may be told to visit a hospital. Wear a mask when going to the hospital, and do not use public transport such as trains or buses.


    • A cough or a fever of 37.5℃ or more for more over 4 days
    •  If you feel very tired or breathless

    If the above symtoms las more than two days for persons with underlying diseases or elderly person


    For Non-Japanese Speakers(Multilingual Hotline)

    *24-hr-service in 18 languages

    For Japanese Speakers

    Fukuoka City Residents(The Novel Coronavirus Infection Consultation Hotline)


    *Call Fukuoka Asian Medical Support Center (092-286-9595) for other than the Novel Coronavirus Infection consultation 

     Non-Residents of Fukuoka City

    Please contact your closest public health center.