• on February 03 2021

    The International Floor
    shorten the hours and reduce the room capacity

    In response to the government’s declaration of extending its state of emergency due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus Infections, the opening hours of the international floor and the capacity of each meeting room will be changed as follows.

    Implementation period (Extended)

    from Saturday January 16 to Sunday March 7, 2021

    Opening hours

     9:00 to 20:00


    • 1st meeting room      17 people
    • 2nd meeting room    11 people
    • 3rd meeting room       6 people
    • 4th meeting room       6 people
    • Japanese room            5 people

    *If there is a change in the status of the state of emergency, these restrictions may change.

    Please observe the following instructions to prevent the further spread of the Novel Coronavirus Infections.

    Use of the International Floor (4th Floor)

    We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



    International Floor (4F, Fukuoka City International Center)