English FCIF 2019

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No.6  November/December 2019(Fukuoka Hot Pot Cuisine)

Foreign Language Newsletter November/December 2019

Fukuoka Hot Pot Cuisine

  • Fukuoka Hot Pot Cuisine
  • Eliminating Drunk Driving – If Drinking, Don’t Drive; If Driving, Don’t Drink
  • Japanese National Pension System
  • Dr. Nishiyama’s Column
  • World AIDS Day
  • Disaster Prevention Email Service
  • Fukuoka City Museum Special Exhibition UKIYOE that Challenges Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi…and More !
  • Welcome to Fukuoka Event / Fukuoka City International Center Festival 2019
  • Grand Sumo Tournament in Kyushu
  • Attend a Japanese language class in your area!

No.5  September/October 2019(Ride the Local Trains)


Ride the Local Trains

  • Ride the Local Trains
  • Fukuoka Music Month
  • Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan
  • Dr. Nishiyama’s Column
  • Tuberculosis Prevention Week
  • Preschool Education and Daycare Free
  • Asian Party
  • Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk
  • Fukuoka City Museum : Special Exhibition: The Exhibition of Samurai

No. 4 July/August 2019(Go see the animals!)

Foreign Language Newsletter July/August 2019

Go see the animals!

  • Go see the animals !
  • Watch Out for Danger from Heavy Rains and Other Natural Disasters
  • Consultations Information
  • Dr. Nishiyama’s Column
  • Go go a public pool in Fukuoka !
  • Fukuoka City Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents
  • Summer Festivals
  • Kyushu National Museum

No. 3 May/June 2019(Fukuoka Tower Post-Renovation Reopening)

Foreign Language Newsletter May/June 2019

Fukuoka Tower Reopening

  • Fukuoka Tower Post-Renovation Reopening
  • Best Locations for Flower Viewing
  • Consultations Information
  • About Tuberculosis
  • Dr. Nishiyama’s Column
  • Traffic Restrictions During the Weekend of the G20 Fukuoka
  • Fukuoka Art Museum Grand Reopening
  • Kyushu National Museum

No. 2 March/April 2019(Places to visit in Spring)

Foreign Language Newsletter Mar/April 2019

Places to visit in Spring

  • Golden Week 2019
  • Fukuoka Disaster Prevention Day
  • Onga and Nakama
  • Antibody Test for Rubella
  • Dr. Nishiyama’s Column
  • Studio Ghibli Expo
  • G20 Fukuoka Finance Ministers and entral Bank Governors Meeting
  • Golden Week Pottery Fairs
  • International Tourist Tax

No. 1 January/February 2019(A Happy New Year 2019)

Foreign Language Newsletter January/February 2019

A Happy New Year 2019

  • 2019 Calendar
  • Tamaseseri Festival
  • Toka Ebisu Shrine
  • Jojima Sakagura Festival
  • Dr. Nishiyama’s Column
  • Tax Return
  • Language Volunteer Needed
  • 2019 Events in Fukuoka
  • Setsubun Festivals in Fukuoka